What is the mission of NAMES Foundation?
To provide moral and material support vital to protecting military personnel currently in harm's way.

To support active duty personnel AND veterans and their families killed or injured in action that have served honorably in any branch of the US military.

Is NAMES Foundation tax-deductible?

Yes; our tax ID # is: 275417134

What inspired "NAMES"?

NAMES began so that the life and legacy of 1LT Nicholas Aaron Madrazo can be remembered and the service of current military service members, veterans, and their families will always be honored.


How can I get involved or volunteer with NAMES?
Volunteer, sponsor, or participate in the Memorial Day Dinners or NAMES 5K/10K.  You can also Donate Auction items, which are raffled off to participants at the dinners and 5K/10K.


Does NAMES have any religious or political affiliations?
NAMES does not provide direct support to political or religious organizations or causes.  However, NAMES is founded on Christian principles and the conviction that as stewards of God it is our duty to serve others.  John 15:13 is at the core of the NAMES Foundation beginning.